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Winter in YoToronto

The fun doesn’t stop when the temperature drops. Make the most of the chilly months with these activities.

YoToronto Fact

Did you now some archaeologists work underwater? Watch them explore sunken shipwrecks at the Royal Ontario Museum. The video is part of an exhibit about explorer Sir John Franklin, who set out on an icy Arctic expedition in 1845… and disappeared!

True or False
The Ontario Science Centre’s OMNIMAX film uses a single light bulb so bright, that if it shone from the moon, you could see it on Earth.
What falls down in the winter but never gets hurt?

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

Three ways to play at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Practice your slapshot at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

  1. Practice your slapshot

    Grab a hockey stick and try to score against famous goalies (well, life-sized animated versions of them).

  2. Play goalie

    Put on a glove and blocker, step into the net and try to stop the puck. Don’t worry, it’s made of foam!

  3. Call the shots

    Go inside a TV studio and “audition” to be a sports broadcaster – on camera! It’s really recorded, so you can share it with your friends.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Muck With The Puck

Think that you know the game? Spot the 10 differences between these two Hockey Hall of Fame exhibits.

Hockey Hall of Fame Activity

Winter Fur Coat? Check!

Zig and zag through High Park on cross-country skis then stop and say hello to Santa’s reindeer (plus their bison and llama buddies) at the High Park Zoo. Just remember: People food gives them a stomach ache, so keep your munchies tucked away.

YoToronto Fact

CN Tower at night in Toronto

The CN tower has 1,330 super bright LED lights that can produce more than 16 million colours. The colours go blue and white on the first day of winter – the shortest and darkest day of the year.

What kind of party does a princess throw in winter?
True or False
The Toronto Raptors basketball team was almost called the "Toronto Tarantulas."

Winter Fun To-Do List

Three ways to play and one way to warm up.

Practice your slapshot at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

  1. Toboggan at Riverdale Park East

    The hill is one of the steepest and longest in the city – for maximum speed! – plus you can see the whole town from the top.

  2. Snowshoe through the Humber Arboretum

    Just outside the city, you can learn to ID wildlife like rabbits and deer by their tracks.

  3. Skate around Toronto’s outdoor rinks

    Nathan Phillips Square has a “roof” of twinkling lights, and at the Harbourfront Centre’s Natrel Rink, you can spin and twirl to live DJs on Saturdays.

  4. Have hot chocolate YOUR way at Cacao 70

    You can choose from nine different types – including spicy, frozen or the old-school way, topped with marshmallows. Hungry? Try a chocolate-marshmallow dessert pizza!

Horses on the stage at Medieval Times in Toronto

Did You Know?

You won’t find a fork and knife at Medieval Times! Everyone feasts with their hands while watching knights joust on horseback – just like they did in the Middle Ages.

Walk on the Wild Side

Panda at the Toronto Zoo

Pandas in the snow? You bet. Trek the wintery trails at the Toronto Zoo and you’ll also see reindeer, Arctic foxes and wolves – and don’t forget Juno the polar bear, who just celebrated her first birthday.

Where does a snowman keep his money?

Did You Know?

James and the Giant Peach play in Toronto

After the play James and the Giant Peach, the actors come out to talk to the audience. You can tell Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker they were being mean to James, or find out how it feels to live in the peach. Don’t be shy! Ask for all the juicy details.

Shark at Ripley's Aquarium

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

Something’s fishy...

Think the 16,000 marine animals are impressive at Canada’s largest indoor aquarium? Just wait until you head upstairs and stand above the tanks. Close your eyes and breathe in. It smells just like the ocean!