Toronto Zoo Illustration

Toronto Zoo

This huge, sprawling zoo has nearly every animal you can think of… and a bunch more you never knew existed!

Extreme Close-up

Can you guess the six Toronto Zoo animals from their zoomed-in pictures? Take the quiz.

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Why go with one hump when you can have two?

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Why don’t polar bears wear shoes?

YoToronto Fact

The Zoo has welcomed lots of baby animals, including Giant Panda cubs, white lion cubs, a polar bear named Juno and an Indian rhino calf.

Toronto Zoo Polar Bear
Lion Illustration

Did You Know?

The Toronto Zoo is one of the world’s largest with more than 5,000 animals representing 450-plus species.

These guys are too cute

And there's more!

Want to see more animals? Find them at these three critter parks.

Girl feeding animal at High Park Zoo

  1. Far Enough Farm
    Centre Island

    A petting zoo with 40 different species. It’s just a short ferry ride away on the Toronto Islands.

  2. High Park Zoo
    Deer Pen Rd

    This friendly little zoo has llamas, peacocks, emus, capybaras (they look like big guinea pigs), and more.

  3. Riverdale Farm
    201 Winchester St

    The site of Toronto’s first zoo and the perfect place to get up close and personal with piglets, lambs and chicks.