Royal Ontario Museum Illustration

Royal Ontario Museum

Yep, it has dinosaurs, but that’s just the start. Mummies, meteorites, suits of armour, and so much more await you.

Jurassic Puzzle

Pretend you’re a palaeontologist and piece together how the ROM’s dinosaurs once lived. Slide the tiles to make a complete picture.

Why didn’t the T-Rex skeleton attack the museum visitors?

YoToronto Fact

The Futalognkosaurus (meaning "giant chief lizard") skeleton in the museum’s main lobby is one of the largest in the world.

Futalognkosaurus at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto
Illustration of a Mummy

Did You Know?

The ROM only recently found out the name of its Egyptian mummy. She was known as Nefret-Mut, meaning "beautiful one of the goddess Mut."

Weirdness awaits you

And there's more!

After going to the museum, expand your brain even more with a trip to these Toronto bookstores.

Mables Fables Store in Toronto

  1. Mabel’s Fables
    662 Mt Pleasant Rd

    One of the best bookstores in Toronto. It’s organized by age, so browsing is a breeze.

  2. Another Story BookshopM
    315 Roncesvalles Ave

    This is a thinking kids’ shop with books on the environment, diversity and important causes.

  3. Type Books
    883 Queen St W

    The kids’ room of this shop is small but full of the most unusual and creative books.