Ontario Science Centre Illustration

Ontario Science Centre

Electricity, outer space, wildlife, gravity: find the answers to all the mysteries of this planet… and even a few others.

Little Green Men

Aliens have landed and are hiding in the Ontario Science Centre. Can you find all eight?

Ontario Science Centre Activity

YoToronto Fact

A night at the Science Centre? Yep! Enjoy a sleepover with your friends that includes a pajama dance party and after-hours tour.

Release your inner Einstein

And there's more!

Top 3 Science Centre Experiments

Ontario Science Centre Tornado

  1. The tornado exhibit

    Here, you can touch a mini-twister and learn more about Mother Nature’s storms.

  2. The Science Arcade

    It’s full of illusions to fool your eyes and ears… plus a plasma ball that you get to conduct!

  3. The ferrofluid exhibit

    Watch how trillions of magnetic particles in a fluid react to the music you play on a keyboard.