Have fun with these Toronto games and downloads


Adorable Baby Animals

Baby humans are pretty cute, but baby animals are even cuter. Check out these fun facts about the tiny, lovable creatures livin’ it up at The Toronto Zoo.

Baby Animals Thumbnail Illustration

Celebrity Match Game

How good is your memory? Find all your favourite celebrities by matching each pair of stars! Also, look below the game to see who's hiding out!

Memory Game Thumbnail Illustration

What amazing Toronto attraction are you?

Whether you're artful, adventurous, sporty or style-obsessed, Toronto is filled with super cool places to visit. Take this personality quiz to see which one suits you best.

Toronto Attractions Quiz Thumbnail Illustration

Roller Coaster Thrills

Make up your own story! Fill in the blanks to read about your fun, adventure-filled day filled with crazy roller coasters and yummy treats.

Roller Coaster Thrills Thumbnail Illustration

Play the Jurassic Puzzle

Pretend you're a paleontologist and piece together how the Royal Ontario Museum's dinosaurs once lived.

Royal Ontario Museum Thumbnail Illustration

Play Extreme Animal Close-up

Can you guess these six Toronto Zoo animals from their zoomed-in pictures? Take the quiz!

Toronto Zoo Thumbnail Illustration

Top 5 PokéStops in Toronto

Explore the city and capture as many Pokémon as you can by visiting these PokéStops.

Pokestops in Toronto illustration.

Scavenger Hunt

Search for these 10 weird and wonderful things in Toronto. How many can your family find?

Scavenger hunt in Toronto illustration.

Spot This

Keep your eyes peeled for these surprising toronto sights

Spot this in Toronto illustration.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Picture Perfect

Time to get creative. Draw the work of art you would hang in the Art Gallery of Ontario.

AGO Downloadable thumbnail , colouring image.

Canada’s Wonderland

Roller Coaster Maze

Pick a twisty ride and follow it to the exit without getting lost or hitting a dead end!

Canadas Wonderland Activity

Casa Loma

Shining Armour

Could you imagine knights, princesses and even a dragon or two living in Casa Loma? Let’s colour them in.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Muck With The Puck

Think that you know the game? Spot the 10 differences between these two Hockey Hall of Fame exhibits.

Hockey Hall of Fame Activity

Ontario Science Centre

Little Green Men

Aliens have landed and are hiding in the Ontario Science Centre. Can you find all eight?

Ontario Science Centre Activity

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Gone Fishin’

Search the aquarium for six special sea creatures and colour them in.

Ripley's Aquarium Activity