Canada's Wonderland Illustration

Canada’s Wonderland

This theme park is jam packed with high-flying, hair-raising coasters and thrill rides. And that’s just for starters!

Roller Coaster Maze

Pick a twisty ride and follow it to the exit without getting lost or hitting a dead end!

Canadas Wonderland Activity

YoToronto Fact

The 93-metre-tall (306 feet) Leviathan is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada. Hold tight!

Canadas Wonderland Leviathan

Brave all the rides and rollercoasters

And there's more!

"You must be this tall to ride” doesn’t apply at these Toronto playgrounds.

Canadas-Wonderland Ballpark Adventure

  1. Jamie Bell Adventure Park
    185 Spring Rd

    Called the “castle playground” for its telltale shape, this is one of the coolest climbing structures around.

  2. Corktown Common
    155 Bayview Ave

    Built into a hillside, Corktown is full of year-round fun and amazing views of the city and trains.

  3. Dufferin Grove Park
    875 Dufferin St

    The playground is great, but even better are the make-your-own-pizza days in the outdoor wood ovens. Yes, please!